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When it comes to leveraging and building an audience for premium OTT content, how do strategies differ for premium ad-supported content and subscription-based content? 首席执行官埃文•夏皮罗 ESHAPJennifer Vaux,内容获取副总裁 & 编程, Roku媒体, discuss how and why these strategic approaches differ in this clip from 流媒体连接2023.

夏皮罗说 to Vaux, “To a certain extent, you have your own bundle on the Roku channel itself. It's a lot of different content from a lot of different sources, 你通过收购和收入分成做了很多事情. But then you're also making your own original content and doing some exclusive licensing. What's the overall strategy that's different from a premium content standpoint for free than it might be from a paid ecosystem? Is there a major difference [in the] strategy that you take versus what a Netflix or a Hulu 谁有带广告的付费版本?”

Vaux emphasizes Roku’s advantageous position in CTV because of its highly direct and optimized relationship with viewers. “We can be laser precise with what we buy based on what we see pop on the platform,” she says. “We have a machine learning algorithm that drives people a personalized view of the Roku channel, 但我们也有AVOD和FAST. 我们对 Roku原件 在这两个地方. 所以我们努力满足消费者的需求, depending on the viewing experience they want to have or the type of content they want to have, and we use the data to source the content on AVOD economics.”

夏皮罗说, “AVOD is a relatively newish component to what you guys have been doing from the beginning. It's expanding…do you see that as a kind of co-equal with the linear experience on FAST? Do you see AVOD and FAST working in tandem together across the two experiences?”

沃克斯说:“我们肯定有. “You can watch Martha Stewart in the library, but then go and watch a Roku original, which is 玛莎厨师 or 玛莎花园, and then go and lean back and watch more Martha in the Martha FAST Channel, just as an example. 我们用同样的方法处理 美国烘焙秀. 所以我们试图利用所有这些接触点, how a consumer wants to interact with the content and the brand that they've decided to hang out with in that day.”

夏皮罗说, “然后到了一定程度, being able to program for both those arenas in kind of a playlist version in the VOD. And then, on the linear ‘lean back’ fashion on the Roku Channel, it lengthens the stay. You don't necessarily have the churn in the same way that the paid services do, 但是你有一个搅拌器, “我要去别的地方.所以你要给他们掌控自己经历的能力, 这样就能让他们活得更久.”

Vaux agrees and adds, “And just to understand the user pathing in general, what do they watch next? 并且总是试图理解这种结构.”

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With content production largely on hiatus in the US for months during the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, 这些罢工在2023年秋季接近尾声, 内容公司发现自己正处于十字路口, with the opportunity to start generating content fraught with strategic complications. 在某些方面,这是一个新的开始, and a chance to consider new approaches rather than simply filling a void. 那么,付费内容领域的下一步是什么呢? 在内容方面,华纳兄弟. Discovery的Dan Trotta和Vevo的Bethany Atchison, 来自分析师角落, TVREV的艾伦·沃尔克报道, 克里斯·普法夫, and Paul Erickson weigh in on this critical question of where we go from here in this clip from their panel at November's 流媒体 Connect.

At Home with Family Handyman Now Streaming on Samsung TV Plus

The community-driven entertainment company Trusted Media Brands (TMB) recently made its popular FAST channel, 和家庭杂工在一起,,可以在三星TV Plus上使用. 吉尔·戈德法布, TMB的流媒体高级副总裁, discusses the strategic gains of adding the channel to Samsung TV Plus, how they view possible competitors such as YouTube more as partners, and how they best optimize user data for personalized viewing experiences.

CNN Max如何补充华纳兄弟. 探索频道当前的内容策略?

CNN Max在华纳兄弟的哪个位置. pantheon alongside (HBO) Max and other platforms and associated brands? 华纳兄弟. Discovery Product Manager Dan Trotta lays out the initial strategic vision in this exchange with ESHAP的埃文·夏皮罗报道 in this 流媒体连接2023 clip.


What does the data tell us about OTT consumer preferences and trends, and how can platform providers interpret it to improve reach and reduce churn? ESHAP的埃文·夏皮罗报道, Hub Entertainment Research的Jon Giegengack说, and Erickson Strategy's Paul Erickson discuss in this clip from their panel at 流媒体连接2023.


Navigating today's streaming apps and subscriptions can seem unnecessarily complicated, particularly as paid subscription and free service apps from major content companies often sit side by side, 甚至看起来在相互竞争. Is this a necessary condition, what factors are driving it, and how is it likely to change? 华纳兄弟. 《百家乐软件》杂志的丹尼尔·特罗塔报道, 康泰纳仕的詹妮弗·琼斯, and ESHAP的埃文·夏皮罗报道 discuss in this clip from their panel at 流媒体连接2023.


和其他娱乐流媒体一样, 推动FAST的引擎是内容的货币化, 尤其是大型现场活动, FAST thrives on pairing brands with properties and serving those brands effectively. 这段视频来自流媒体连接2023, Revry co-founder Damian Pelliccione and 克里斯·普法夫 of 克里斯·普法夫 Tech Media discuss how Revry works with brands and the sort of brand identification with key Revry programming that enables the industry's leading LGBTQ+ programming destination to thrive and grow.