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与大型体育流媒体运营商合作, WebRTC provides a real opportunity for ultra-low-latency streaming. 但是同样的运算符, 哪些公司在授权上花费了数十亿美元, can't afford to just swap the ability to stream content in real time for basic OTT functionality like SSAI and 数字版权管理.

Personalization Is 更多的 Than What You Think It Can Be

随着生成式人工智能的进步, just-intime代码转换, SSAI缝合, and other streaming video tech stack components, companies like Infuse Video are demonstrating that the true vision of video personalization—changing the video content itself—is finally at hand.

I’ve Seen The Future of The Streaming Video Tech Stack

The evolution of the evolution of TV is coming soon, hinted at by services like Norsk. 我已经等不及了.

What the Growth of FAST Really Tells Us 关于 Viewers

The popularity and growth of FAST show us that viewing behavior, 尽管流媒体正在兴起, 并没有太大的变化. People want choice, but they want it in a way that meets their needs. FAST doesn't scrap the broadcast experience with which so many are familiar; it is evolving it in a way that broadcast could never do to improve upon the viewer experience.


你可能会觉得我疯了, as the executive director of the world's largest streaming technical association, to ask the question in this column's title. But I think it's actually important that we do a gut check every once in a while.

Does Streaming's Future Success Depend On Discoverability?

The future of streaming is about unification built on top of a single open standard of content metadata. Right now, it's a matter of seeing the forest for the trees.


一个blockchain-based, ledger-and-wallet approach promises a digital rights management that's just as effective as anything we have now, with the benefit of being more consumer-friendly.


'Delivery' is one of the most commonly used words in our business? 但这到底是什么意思呢? If we think it's just about protocols and bytes, we're never going to catch up to traditional TV.

The Evolution of the Movie Theater is at Hand

With OTT services like HBO Max streaming first-run movies on release day, movie theaters need to think beyond comfy chairs and draft beer to keep selling tickets.


Streaming is still only a fraction of total video watched, even post-COVID lockdown. What happens when it's the de facto method for delivering video content? Will the existing CDN approaches be enough to handle the next phase of streaming growth?

What Has the Pandemic Taught Us 关于 Streaming?

The increased streaming we've seen during the COVID-19 pandemic didn't break the internet. But it did give us a vision of the future, and the opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive.

Build Streaming Solutions for Tomorrow, Today

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders, streaming has gone through the roof. The strategies you implement today will set the stage for the future.


广播员的时代结束了. With OTT platforms built on microservices and previously unheard-of data collection capabilities, 现在是观众的时代了.

Not All Content (or Devices) Are Created Equal

The one-size-fits-all approach employed in broadcast and cable is no good when it comes to streaming and OTT.

TV 2.0: The Future Isn't 关于 Delivery, It's 关于 Experience

The industry sees video as linear or OTT, but that's not the real distinction. What matters isn't how people get their video, but how they experience it.

Taming the Many-Headed Problem of Video Content Discovery

确定, today's OTT video platforms could share data and create comprehensive video recommendation systems, 但他们不想这么做. 以下是他们应该关心的原因.


Viewers turned away from cable because it offered them too many choices. OTT recreates the same problem, but on steroids. So what is the industry going to do about it?

Rampant Piracy Is the Elephant in the Live-Streaming Room

令牌? 水印? 数字版权管理? Content owners try them all, but as of today there's no foolproof solution. Perhaps the way forward isn't with higher walls, but new experiences.

Can AI Make the Streaming Video Experience Even Better Than TV?

Look for artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve content delivery, 视频压缩, 以及观众个性化, 加强整个工作流程.

Virtual Reality Development Is Moving in the Wrong Direction

VR faces huge production and consumer challenges and is still evolving at a rapid rate. So why is the industry already talking about standardization?